ONI Extremity MRI Arrives at Owings Mills, Frederick, and Timonium Crossing

By: Jennifer Beebe, RT (R)(M)(MR)

A new MRI unit has been added to American Radiology Services' Owings Mills, Frederick, and Timonium Crossing centers! This state-of-the-art 1.0 Tesla ONI extremity system can image the following body parts: hand, finger, wrist, elbow, foot, toes, ankle, and knee.

There are many benefits in choosing this system for your extremity needs. If you have seen the scanner (image below), the most obvious benefit is the "non-claustrophobic" environment it provides. The patient simply sits in a reclining chair, similar to a dentist's chair. There is no "tube" or "tunnel" that many patients fear. The body part that we are imaging is the only part that goes into the machine.

Other benefits include the high-field strength (1.0 Tesla), higher comfort level for the patient, and the noise level is much lower than traditional MRI scanners. While having your MRI done, you can read a magazine, listen to the radio, or enjoy some quiet time! There is no special preparation to have an extremity MRI, although the same safety precautions are used, as with traditional MRI.

Be one of the first to experience the latest technology in MRI at our Owings Mills, Frederick, and Timonium Crossing centers!

ONI Extremity MRI

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